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Super solutions

Choosing the right products to sell on Amazon can take some time to figure out. Half the battle is weeding through the stats to find products that are popular, in demand, and profitable enough to consider. The other half is pulling the trigger on those products that you have thoroughly researched and believe are worth pursuing. We are ready to help you with your Amazon research so you can choose profitable products to sell on Amazon.

  • Finding searchable products to sell on Amazon
  • Checking limitations on certain goods, categories on intended channels
  • Helping seller with price, quantities negotiation with manufacturers and/or wholesalers
  • Analyzing Amazon fee structures
  • Shipping (carriers. delivery times. rates)


Proposed Marketplace Services

Our certified Amazon & online marketplaces consultants are ready to bring you viable marketplace strategies that will help you resolve issues in the most profitable way possible. With 12+ years of experience in Amazon & E-commerce business and strategy development, we have a reputation of
providing on point consulting that does wonders for sales of Amazon 3rd Party sellers. Our consultation services on Amazon are definitely an surance to your investments.

  • Comprehensive Amazon Seller Central, international marketplace, FBA, inventory management consultation and training.
  • External marketplaces and e-commerce solutions applicable to client’s industry, not limited to other tools suggestions.
  • Account launch, shipping, fulfillment solutions consultation (Europe, Canada, Mexico and other countries).
  • Initiative, present ideas and suggestions to streamline the business.
  • Revisions on; inventory, Channels, Categories, Countries, Carriers, Prices, Advertisements


Our Services

mita helps Amazon and other marketplace sellers, as well as brand owners and manufacturers identify goals and objectives by determining the best products, platform(s), and the best fulfillment strategy (e.g., merchant-fulfilled, 3rd party fulfillment centers, or FBA). We also assist in developing a pricing strategy using our special cost calculation and competitor analysis.
Researching and tracking Amazon and other marketplace metrics is a manual process and takes up a lot of time. Our Experts at STS will reduce your time by using our internal Research & Analytics tools.


  • Cost-benefit/profit (P&L) Analysis.
  • FBM logistic & FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) Analysis (FBA fee calculations & fulfillment configuration per product)
  • Pricing


  • Product pages age, content & search terms.
  • Major competitor product analysis including product issues and criticisms.
  • Identification of competitor value proposition, marketing messages and promises.


Our Services

We are your an all-in-one marketplace ally that provides all the services needed to launch or boost your online business.


  • B2C & B2B Marketplace Accounts Creation
    - Amazon (US, CA, MX, EU, MIDDLE EAST & AUST)
    - eBay (US, EU), Walmart, Etsy, Wayfair, Fruugo, CDiscount, Alibaba and more
  • Category Approvals Assistance
  • Brand/product online launch/relaunch and optimization
  • Product positioning and management in client or our own proprietary online storefronts.


  • Full Account Review / Audit / Account Viability
    - Feedbacks
    - A to Z Claims
    - Business Reports
    - Inventory & FBA Issues
  • Exiting Product Pages Review / Audit
    - Content & SEO
    - A+ Pages and Storefronts
    - Reviews
  • Exiting Ads Campaigns and Promotions Review / Audit


Our Services

Your product pages are the moment of truth for your online business. Either they convert the visitors into a purchaser or they don’t. To stay competitive in e-market space, your business needs to make online shopping as convenient as possible. This means designing your product ages so that it’s easy to find, navigate, and purchase from both on desktop and mobile. Since these pages are the final step in persuading customers to buy something, it’s important that they are visually appealing, provide useful information, offer customer reviews, and answer all the last- minute questions customers may have.

  • New Product Listing Creation and/or Exiting Product Listings Audit and Optimization
  • Creating Bundles, Multi-Packs and Variations
  • Extensive keyword research using our KW research tools
  • Content (Titles, Bullet points & Descriptions) Creation
  • Creating Virtual Bundles
  • Making Products Prime


Our Services

Brand registry allows you to utilize the tools needed to create and edit all of your brand’s content.

  • A+ Product Pages Creation (if/when the trademark is available)
  • Storefronts Creation per brand (if/when the trademark is available)
  • Other Amazon Programs (Vine, Transparency, Project Zero and more)

Sample Storefront

Sample A+ Page


Our Services

Marketplace Search Engine Optimization / Amazon SEO - making sure your product page is easily accessible by marketplaces’ search engines and includes the right content and search terms to rank well in the organic results of Amazon.
Our expertise includes making sure your pages have the right elements to be spidered properly by marketplace search engines; creating original content.
Product Page SEO (per search term per product) by targeting "Best Position on Search Result Pages". We make sure that you own the buybox.

High up the product appears in * Amazon’s search results *
  • Extensive keyword research using our KW research tools
  • Content Optimization
    - Titles,Bullet Points, Descriptions Optimization with product benefits and with most relevant keywords
    - Images Optimization (3D & Photography)
  • Creating product reviews, feedbacks
  • Automatic tools implementation
  • Product page merging (by variations)

Winning a product’s * Buy Box * and become default seller for an existing product
  • Re-pricer setup
  • Amazon prime setup
  • Using automation to ensure availability and shipping information is always up to date
  • Shipping costs adjustments
  • Price adjustments
  • Fulfillment method decision
  • Delivery time
  • Seller feedback optimization
  • Stock levels alert creation


Our Services

  • Weekly accounts auditing & maintenance
  • FBA Inventory replenishment
  • Costumer Services
  • PPC management (e.g. campaign scaling).
  • Product listing (monitor, analyze, and report on KPIs).
  • Keyword ranking analysis and ranking maintenance through appropriate actions (e.g., blasts, other promotions).
  • New competitor identification, and existing competition tracking.
  • Problem identification (e.g., research of customer reviews for memorable phrases, what the customer is trying to solve by purchasing product, pains and frustrations).
  • Planning and scheduling of “Daily, Lightning Deals & Giveaways”.
  • Listings update as needed for proper positioning during peak buying seasons (e.g., Q4, Mother’s Day, Prime Day, etc.).
  • Inventory levels monitoring and replenishment management.
  • Brand protection: MAP, listing changes, hijackers monitoring, enforcement/ removal of unauthorized sellers.
  • Feedback solicitation & automation.
  • Negative feedback removal.
  • Channel support ticket handling.
  • Policy violations.


Our Services